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Wendy at Album Accomplished is a miracle worker at designing photo albums for all of those digital photos you have sitting forgotten in cyberspace. She has a wonderful sense of design and style and can see your photos with an objective eye while crafting your album to tell a story with its pictures. Whether you want to gift an album to someone or just scoop up family memories before they're forgotten, Wendy can create an album in a professional, timely, and unique way.

Chris A

My whole family loved the finished album!  Excellent communication and a quick turnaround.  Wendy is very helpful and has creative ideas and layouts for the album pages.  I would definitely use Album Accomplished again.

Samantha P

Album Accomplished created the most amazing album for my parents, from my son's Bar Mitzvah! My Mom called me and said, "this is fabulous!" "Who made this book, it's so professional?" The turn around time was unbelievably fast---and the customer service----was simply the best! I highly recommend Album Accomplished for your next Album---as a gift to anyone, even yourself!

Madeline H

A huge thank you to Wendy

Merson Goldstein at Album Accomplished for creating a great keepsake from Jack's bar mitzvah! Easy to work with and love the finished product! Highly recommend.

Liz M

We love our album so much. It captures us and our wedding day. We saved so much money working with Wendy. I also just loved the experience. She is creative, smart, kind and thoughtful. So glad to have found her.”

Nicole H

Huge shoutout to Wendy Goldstein of Album Accomplished who made a fabulous album for my mother-in-law's 90th Birthday!! Neither my MIL nor the people at the party could stop saying how great it was!

Carol K

It was a pleasure working with Wendy.  I wasn’t thrilled with the pictures from my son’s bar mitzvah but she helped me make a beautiful album.  I procrastinated for four years and once I started the process with Wendy I had a perfect album in one week.  Jill R

Not only was Wendy an amazing & lovely person to work with, but she helped "keep me sane" when dealing with the incredibly overwhelming job of "photo selecting" for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah album...I couldn't have done it without her, and I HIGHLY recommend her for assistance in any photo album/organizing type of projects...

Renee H

Wendy was so easy to work with to make our beautiful wedding album! I had tried to find the time to do an album myself, but it is so much harder than it looks. Wendy makes it look easy. She is so quick while precise and thoughtful. She was also incredibly responsive and helpful with the last minute edits. We would use her again for another album in a second!

Jaime H

I wanted to give a shout out to Wendy Goldstein at Album Accomplished. She was absolutely fabulous. It took me 18 months to get my photos together and less than one week for her to turn it into a beautiful album. All I had to do was push the order button. Highly recommend her for all of you with event photos still on your computers!!!

Nancy B

Shout out to Album Accomomplished and Wendy Merson Goldstein for doing such a great job making an album for my mom for her Mother’s Day gift. She was blown away. Honestly, she was so sweet, creative and easy to work with. The album came out awesome! Definitely contact her to help you.

Alana P

When I wanted to give Liza a graduation gift of bound volumes with all the issues of the school newspaper she led, I knew the task of putting that together was beyond my skill set. I highly recommend my high school classmate, Wendy. She got it done very well and efficiently, and was extremely good natured and helpful when I screwed up the order, helping ensure I got various discounts I would never otherwise have known about. I know she does much more elaborate and beautiful albums for all kinds of life events. She has great ideas and drives the process forward.
Suzanne N

We had precious pre-ww2 family photos to display in an album. Wendy was instrumental at putting it all together in an attractive, well organized book. Now these heritage memories can be passed on to our children. Wendy was so easy to work with, terribly pleasant and accommodating. She made the process so easy. Thank you so much Wendy!
Sari S

Wendy is lovely and professional.  she also makes amazing albums!  My husband and I love our wedding album and it is the centerpiece for our coffee table.  It was such a pleasure working with her and I definitely would make another album with her help.

Katy S

I procrastinated on creating my photo albums for years. 

I didn't know where to start and finally realized I needed help.  I handed my photos off to Wendy and a few days later I had great looking album proofs.  The finished books are beautiful - my family loves them!

David I

I Just used Wendy at Album Accomplished to create a beautiful bat mitzvah album. I was overwhelmed by the task of compiling all of my pictures and then creating an album that looks professional. Wendy is incredibly organized and did all of the work for me! My album is gorgeous. Highly recommend!!

Tamara W

We were so unhappy with our pictures and then Wendy put them together in a manner that captured the spirit of the night.  She changed the whole picture experience for us.  We couldn't be more pleased.

Elizabeth J

Wendy successfully captured all of our vacation highlights!  The process of her creating our beautiful album was seamelss.  She provided a quick turnaround and answered all of my questions promptly.  She even followed up to ensure our album was delivered and that I was happy with the final product.

Natalie C

I wanted to say thank you to and recommend Wendy Merson Goldstein and her business Album Accomplished. Being the procrastinator I am, I gave Wendy very little time to work with 100's of photos to create a 50th wedding anniversary gift for my parents. She worked her magic and created a beautiful album for me and was a true pleasure throughout.

Bex H

I make all of my own mac books but 3 years later still hadn't attempted an album of our trip to Israel because I was overwhelmed with the # of my pics and trying to make it stepped Wendy Merson Goldstein, of Album Accomplished who made us a beautiful, special album highlighting our 2014 trip. Off the project list! Thx Wendy

Cindy G

Wendy took 400+ assorted photos, out of chronological order, and created the most beautiful treasured keepsake to give to our friend’s son’s for his Bar Mitzvah…starting in nursery school- she told the story of this young man’s life in photos. The family was thrilled and so were we. I am now a bit obsessed with putting together albums for holiday gifts. thanks, Wendy! xoxo

Georgia F

Wendy is wonderful to work with!!  She made my album projects (which felt overwhelming to do) fun and easy.  Our twins are 18 years old and going off to college, and I wanted to make them both albums including everything from birth up to graduation.  Since I was making two different albums at the same time, it was difficult to do, but with Wendy’s  help, it was not difficult anymore.  The books came out amazing and it was the best gift ever.  Both my kids are thrilled with the books and it was a great surprise to them.  It became  an enjoyable project to do from the minute I started working with Wendy.  I highly recommend using Wendy at Album Accomplished.  I also suggest for anyone to go for it, hire Wendy and create the best most appreciated gift.  I also suggest if it’s not a gift to still go ahead and do this project for yourself to have and cherish all the memories.

Karen G

I can not say enough amazing things about Wendy. I had initially called her in a state of panic as I had the immense task of putting together an album for my sister's 50th birthday. My goal was to create a treasured keepsake book with both pictures and messages, poems and stories from various family members and close friends. This was a very daunting task for me and from the moment I reached out to Wendy, I was reassured that I was in the best possible hands. She not only made the project a seamless one but she also put the book together in a very timely fashion. I enjoyed all of our communication back and forth. Wendy has such an easy going way about her. The end result, when I presented the beautiful book to my sister on a girls trip to Tulum, was such an incredible success. My sister thought this was the "best gift ever". In fact, we think we have started a trend amongst those turning 50. Mission accomplished!

I can't wait to solicit Wendy for my younger son's bar mitzvah album.

I know this is just the beginning of a very long relationship with Wendy.

Jill G

When my mother and I set out to develop a book to memorialize my father, one year after his death, we were overwhelmed with emotion and needed a partner to help us produce a book -- complete with stories, memories and photographs from every chapter of my dad's life.  In less than 2 weeks, Wendy worked with us, in an efficient and responsive (and lovely!) manner, including multiple revisions large and small.  We could not be more thrilled with the final product -- 103 pages that are an amazing tribute to my dad!  It will be a keepsake for our family forever, and I am so grateful to Wendy for her partnership in turning this idea into reality.  I couldn't recommend her more strongly!
Julie H

The process was super-easy and fast and the album looks great!
Jackie W

Yes, I am that mom. For nearly two years I told myself I’d make my twins B'nai Mitzvah album and then never did!

Until I remembered that Wendy and Album Accomplished could help me get it done (and before my little one’s Bat Mitzvah was here).

Wendy has a wonderful eye for layout and knows exactly what pictures are going to tell the story and set the tone best. She was timely and super fun to work with.

Can’t wait to do my next album with her!

Laurie W

No words to describe how amazing it was to work with Wendy on a most special and meaningful album for my family! She was incredibly responsive, easy to work with and my album is spectacularly beautiful! I would give her 10 stars!!!

Julie C.S.

I put off making a wedding album for years because I was just so overwhelmed by the process and didn't know where to begin.  When I reached out to Wendy she put me completely at ease.  She walked me through everything and an album that I had procrastinated on for over 2 years was completed (beautifully I might add) in  less than a week!   I  highly recommend her.

Lesley F

Huge thank you to Wendy Merson Goldstein for an amazing job on my album. Layout was thoughtful and clever and I cannot wait until the recipient opens it on Christmas!

Connie W

 I had a daunting task.  To create a photo album for a close friend, as a total novice.  Wendy walked me through it effortlessly and helped me create a gift I couldn't have done alone.  She is attentive, supportive and so easy to work with.  The finished project is beautiful and can't wait for my friend to receive it.  For a flawless experience, album accomplished is the only way to go.

Samantha G

Wendy helped me to turn a poem I had written for my granddaughter into a very special children's book that my family will enjoy for years to come. I will definitely welcome her assistance on future projects. Her patience, creativity and skills make working with her an absolute pleasure.

Susan R

Wendy was a pleasure to work with.  She designed our son's bar mitzvah album within a couple of days after our photographer was unable to complete the job.  She creatively laid out the pictures in a manner in which you would think she knows our family and was at the party.  She was a pleasure to work with and even contacted us after she noticed we could save additional money when the album company we were ordering from ran a sale after we placed the order.  We will definitely be using her services again would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends and family! 

Karen and David K

Thank you so much to Wendy, the incredibly talented album maker extraordinaire! Wendy put together an amazing album of my son playing football from his flag days, all the way through to his senior year of high school. What an amazing surprise for him to get, and we can't thank her enough.
Amy T

 A year after our family’s Hawaii vacation and a year after we kept promising to put together an album, we were still looking at pictures on our phones.
The task seemed daunting.
We found Wendy and our dream album became a reality.
Working with Wendy was an absolute pleasure. She made the whole process so simple, and her creativity in putting the album together is remarkable.
We are already working on our next album with her!
Randee B

Wendy is easy and fun to work with.  She took what was a very overwhleming project (putting 20 years of phtotos into albums) and made it seamless.  I will continue to use her for all of our future events and trips.

Jessica R

Wendy was such a tremendous motivator!  She was able to objectively help me get my photos organized and narrow down my photo choices to create an album that truly captured the highlights of our family's special day.  A real pleasure to work with!

Ilene W

Wendy was an immense help!! The bat mitzvah was enough stress and I didn't have it in me to put together an album. Wendy helped from picture selection, to layout, to sequence, etc. I had a beautiful, complete photo album within no time. I still have friends with children in college that haven't gotten around to bar/bar mitzvah albums. Wendy makes it so easy!! Highly recommend!!

Michelle P

Wendy made what seemed like an overwhleming task easy and actually fun.  I was able to simply select the photos I wanted (and asked for Wendy's opinion when needed) and she arranged them like a pro into a gorgeous album at such a reasonable price!  She is willing to give her opinions if you want them but also is content to let you make all the choices if that is what you prefer in terms of not only which photos to include, but also their sizes and arrangement.  She also was helpful when deciding on the various components of the actual album.  I highly recommend Wendy for all your album needs!!!

Jen G

Wendy was instrumental in getting my family's albums completed from my daughter's Bat Mitzvah.  Not only was the process so easy but she laid out the pictures beautifully and completed the albums within a couple of days from when I gave her the pictures.  I've never completed albums so soon after an event.  Thank you so much!!!

Audrey K

Wendy is lovely to work with and beyond efficient.  I had 1000’s of professional photos to choose from, and with her trained eye and impeccable taste, we were able to create perfect albums not only for me and my son (the bar mitzvah boy) but also for my parents.  It could not have been a more efficient process, and I would use Wendy again and again for other important occasions!  Thank you, Wendy, for making an overwhelming task seem easy!

Lyn K

Wendy made an overwhelming task painless and we are thrilled with the result!

Julie S

We decided to use all of the photographs from my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah photo shoot to make a sign in book for her big day. We are thrilled with the layout and organization of all the photographs within the album. Wendy made the whole process super easy. Thank you Wendy for creating a keepsake we will cherish for years to come.

Bonnie B

It was an absolute pleasure working with Wendy at Album Accomplished.  She is wonderful, talented, creative and a consummate professional.  In a couple days, Wendy magically turned our many digital photos into a gorgeous photo album capturing all the highlights of my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.  We gave copies to family members and they were thrilled!  The album will be a special keepsake for us for years to come.  We look forward to having Wendy help us create albums for other special trips and occasions.  Highly and enthusiastically recommended!

Rhonda S

I cannot thank Wendy enough for helping me create the most precious and meaningful gift for my husband on his 50th birthday. She magically arranged, with careful artistry, 650 plus photos documenting his life full of special memories, people and places into an album. It was no easy task finding all the photos, however she guided me in that process and helped me organize. The finished product is so special that he was brought to tears upon opening. Wendy takes on these special projects as if it were for her own family. Bringing special attention to photos that should be highlighted or zoomed in on. There’s no cutting and pasting. She looks at the whole layout with detail. I highly recommend Wendy and giving a photo album as a gift!

Tracey A

I asked Wendy to put together a special birthday album for my mom covering nearly 10 years of family birthday trips. She was patient, creative and fun to work with! The book was such a success my mom literally carries it with her to show people wherever she goes!!

Tammi L

Wendy did a magnificent job on an album for our 14 year old granddaughter, beginning with her birth and carried through the arrival of her siblings and the wonderful times we have all shared. Wendy is supernaturally patient, always available for consultation during the photo-choosing period, and fun to work with. I’ve told her we have four more grandchildren so she should start getting ready.

Peter W

Crossing off things that have been on my to-do list forever...
Had 4 years of camp photos made into albums by the incredibly talented and efficient Wendy Merson Goldstein from Album Accomplished. She is amazing!!! HUGE recommendation *****

Karyn L

Wendy Goldstein’s Album Accomplished makes the daunting, time consuming, frustrating task of making a photo album a pleasant and simple experience. Wendy selects or helps to select the best pictures from your inventory. The resulting product is a lovely album that captures all the moments you wanted. A very positive experience!
Dana L

Album Accomplished is a true gem!
The thought of gathering photos from years and years ago was daunting to me. All I had to do was provide the photos to Wendy. She organized them and put all of my cherished family gatherings and adventures into the most wonderful and beautiful books. I can’t thank her enough for her thoughtful and sincere approach to creating our memories.

Dina B

Wendy was fabulous to work with, always communicated and listened to what I wanted. Amazing turn around time. Would work with again, highly recommended! 5 stars!

Melissa H

A huge thank you to Wendy at Album Accomplished! My girls' B'Not Mitzvah album looks amazing and Wendy was great to work with! She was quick, responsive and has a great eye for what a professional album should look like! I can't wait to use Wendy for more special albums in the future!

Stefanie G

Wendy is an absolute pleasure to work with and the album she made us is Gorgeous!  I had put off making this album because I was overwhelmed with trying to do this myself with  over 300 pictures from my sons engagement and all the events thru his wedding.  I am so relieved I found Wendy, she made the process quick and painless. I had the finished album in a week! 

Hillary M

Wendy’s services were highly recommended through a Facebook group and now I understand why. She answered so quickly and motivated me to gather up my photos and send to her. Within a few days I had a whole album completed. She strategically and creatively arranged the pages and I couldn’t be happier. I even had her do a second book ASAP.
Lauren F

Thank you Wendy at Album Accomplished for making the perfect album in memory of Grandma Betty! So nice to have an album that tells a life story out of a large box of pictures collected over the years. And thank you for making it so easy!

Joanne K

I highly recommend Wendy at Album Accomplished! We needed to create a special book for my mom's 85th birthday in a very short amount of time. Wendy was eager to take on the task! She organized the photos, laid them out in a way that made sense, and designed each page beautifully. The end result was a wonderful book that my mother loves and brings a smile to her face each time she looks at it and sees her children and grandchildren (and great grandchildren)! Wendy was a pleasure to work with from the first email I sent to her asking for help to the final product! 

Debra L

Wendy was fantastic! I found her on the internet and decided to try her services based on the reviews I read. I had been wanting to do my daughter's bat mitzvah album for years. She made everything so easy and produced an incredible album.
Susan G

Not only did Wendy motivate me to get my album done, she did a beautiful job. She guided me through the process and delivered a product that was better than I had  expected. I highly recommend her for taking the load off your shoulders of creating a photo album.
Suzanne H

I had Wendy make a book of my grandmother's recipes combined with pictures of her and it came out so beautifully! A family treasure we will always have. She was so easy and pleasant to work with and the whole process was quick.
Rachel U

Wendy was instrumental in creating my mother's 80th birthday book --- the final product was amazing, and she makes everything seamless and easy.  I will definitely use her again in the future!
Michele L

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